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Compare the Cockup
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Monday, 23 July 2012

Barnet Council Outsourcing project 50% over budget and out of control

Mr Reasonable of Barnet reports that the One Barnet project is 50% over agreed budget and asks who signed off the overspend -

The magnificent seven outsourcing failures

1. G4S is not an isolated incident  

2. Bournemouth Council chiefs set to bring back 22 staff from outsourcing partner Mouchel 

3. Bournemouth Councillors were warned by senior council officer  

4. Somerset council takes back services & 160 staff back in house from Southwest OneCouncil  

5. Four out of five government departments are trapped in outsourcing deals  

6. BT overcharging Liverpool council by £10m a year, report claims 

7. Suffolk council accused of ignoring £100m 'overspend' on BT deal